Definitions for "Marver"
A stone, or cast-iron plate, or former, on which hot glass is rolled to give it shape.
Flat metal plate onto which the article being blown may be pressed or rolled when being shaped. Sometimes deliberately covered with fragments of broken glass or pieces of cane which then fuse to the exterior of the article
Metal, marble or graphite plate, most often steel, used for rolling glass to a cylinder or cone and chilling the surface to firm it for blowing. Should be large enough to roll largest piece over a more than one turn (over 2' for 8" piece) Some marvers are mounted at an angle or are adjustable to an angle which makes for easier work when many pieces are to be made with a tapered shape. A marver may have textured surface (see also Cane Marver . ) Homemade $10-35 from steel scrap yard, or Steinert $75 textured 16" long. Stephen Powell using marver to pickup colored murrini on hot glass at GAS Conf.