Definitions for "Marty"
Marty (1955) is a romance film directed by Delbert Mann, based on a teleplay by Paddy Chayefsky. It stars Ernest Borgnine as Marty, an Italian-American butcher who lives in the Bronx with his possessive mother. Unmarried in his thirties, the sweet but awkward man faces a turning point when he meets a plain, spinster schoolteacher at a neighborhood dance and they enjoy each other's company.
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Marty is a British television sketch comedy series, with Marty Feldman, Tim Brooke-Taylor, John Junkin and Roland Mac Leod, which was made in 1968. There was a second series made in 1969, titled "It's Marty".
Marty is a fictional character on the television series Gilmore Girls, portrayed by Wayne Wilcox.
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