Definitions for "Martial"
Roman poet noted for epigrams (first century BC)
(43 CE-103/104 CE) Marcus Valerius Martialis; Roman poet who specialized in epigrammatic poetry; his literary texts include Epigrammata, Xenia and Apophoreta.
Of, pertaining to, or suited for, war; military; as, martial music; a martial appearance.
Practiced in, or inclined to, war; warlike; brave.
Belonging to war, or to an army and navy; -- opposed to civil; as, martial law; a court-martial.
One of the seven primary body types. Its positive pole is wiry; its negative pole is musclebound. Martial types tend to have reddish hair and skin, and muscled bodies. They tend to be feisty and active.
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of or relating to the armed forces; "martial law"