Definitions for "Marshal"
Originally, an officer who had the care of horses; a groom.
An officer of high rank, charged with the arrangement of ceremonies, the conduct of operations, or the like
The chief officer of arms, whose duty it was, in ancient times, to regulate combats in the lists.
an official of universities and some religious organizations who organizes processions, seatings, etc.
Someone who is selected to manage the crowd throughout a competition.
In tournament play a marshal is a person designated by a tournament committee to help with crowd control. During regular public (aka: ranger) play a marshal is a person designated to patrol the course, keeping an eye out for problems in general, but usually present to promote a reasonable pace of play or keep things moving.
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set out in orderly way 7C OHGe marahscah "mare servant", keeper of horses
a marshal of the City of New York is a public servant who is empowered to enforce judgments, including evictions
Marshal (also sometimes spelled marshall in American English, but not in British English) is a word used in several official titles of various branches of society. The word derives from Old Germanic marh "horse" and scalc "servant", and originally meant "stable keeper". As marshals became trusted members of the courts of Medieval Europe, the title grew in reputation.
One who regulates rank and order at a feast or any other assembly, directs the order of procession, and the like.
To dispose in order; to arrange in a suitable manner; as, to marshal troops or an army.
To dispose in due order, as the different quarterings on an escutcheon, or the different crests when several belong to an achievement.
The reverse of unmarshalling; the process of traversing a content tree and writing an XML document that reflects the tree's content. JAXB can marshal XML data to XML documents, SAX content handlers, and DOM nodes. Figure Gloss-1: Marshalling XML documents Back
means the person who helps the judges in setting-up the test and is in charge of communications between the judges and handlers
a person that simply stands at a designated spot along the marathon course to keep the runners on track
a third decante Virgo who is a loud Jewish American princess with a tendency to be hyper active so she stays away from sugar, love, leopard prints
Marshal is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in The Brotherhood #2.
The marshal is a character class in the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition that was introduced in the Miniatures Handbook.
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In NCS, to copy data into a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) packet. Stubs perform marshalling. Contrast with unmarshal. See also stub.
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a person who fixes cars due to a crash or pile-up during the race. Report this Word Added by: mountaindr3wz
Marshals are positioned at many places around the race circuit, their job is to look after safety. This includes moving cars from unsafe positions and alerting drivers to on track hazards by waving various coloured flags.
One who goes before a prince to declare his coming and provide entertainment; a harbinger; a pursuivant.
The process of packaging and sending interface parameters across process boundaries in computer memory. Also Marshalling.
The translation of a method call with its parameters into a wire format suitable for transmission of a network transport. See un-marshalling.
The act of passing the function calls and parameters of an OLE object across process boundaries.
a person who is responsible for keeping track of the battles being played in your area and reporting them to the Campaign organizers
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a common noun, the meaning of which is found in a dictionary
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make ready for action or use; "marshal resources"
lead ceremoniously, as in a procession
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To direct, guide, or lead.