Definitions for "Marrying"
is when several casks of similar ages from the one distillery will be 'married' by mixing them together then maturing them for a few more months. Single malt is the term for whisky bottled from only the one distillery. Single cask malts are when bottlings occur from one cask – only an occasional practice.
The act, usually illegal, of pouring the contents of one bottle into another.
The traditional process of allowing a blended whisky time to mingle in large containers (either oak or stainless steel) prior to bottling.
nip or shoe - The part of the laminating process where the layers to be bonded are pressed together to make the adhesive form a better bond. The best way to do this is to apply pressure only at the glue-bond points, and avoid crushing any other part of the product. In nested lamination, this is done by using a marrying roll that is pressed against the same embossing roller that carried the paper which received the glue from the adhesive applicator. In pin-to-pin lamination, this is done in the laminating nip, which is where the two embossing rollers come into contact with each other. With random registration, it is not possible to avoid crushing unbonded areas of the product.