Definitions for "Married"
Keywords:  matrimony, wedded, joan, couple, joined
Being in the state of matrimony; having a spouse; wedded; as, a married man or woman; -- of one person.
Wedded to each other; as, a married couple; John and Joan are no longer married; -- of two people.
Joined to form one object; united.
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Married is a BBC radio comedy with science fiction themes. The main character is Robin Lightfoot, a confirmed bachelor with a successful architectural practice, who wakes up one day in a parallel universe in which he is married with two children. Unfortunately his counterpart in the parallel universe, who has evidently been swapped into our universe, is a cad, a womanizer, a swindler and possibly a murderer.
m/o mother of
Includes women who are legally married and those who are separated but not legally divorced. In the case of live births and fetal deaths, the term also includes mothers who have been legally divorced 280 or fewer days.
Includes currently married women and those who are separated but not divorced.
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When the parts of a book or set are supplied from different copies of a book to form a whole, such as the dust jacket from one copy is “married” with a copy of the same book without a jacket, or Volume One is “married” to Volume Two, purchased separately, to form a complete set.
Two related items brought together, though not initially sold as a unit, for the purpose of making the set complete as published (i.e.: a book and dust jacket, or two volumes in a set).
of or relating to the state of marriage; "marital status"; "marital fidelity"; "married bliss"
Keywords:  connubial, pertaining, name, one
Of or pertaining to marriage; connubial; as, the married state; one's married name.
The term used for an item that has been made up from two or more pieces of furniture, usually of the same period.
A term referring to an item of furniture that has been made up from two or more associated pieces, usually from the same period/style. Also, a term for upholstered furniture that's normally manufactured in a particular fabric or leather (opposed to a custom or special order covering).