Definitions for "Markup"
The difference between the lowest current offering price among dealers and the...
The amount added to the cost to determine the asking price.
Instructions for the typesetter that are written on the copy (e.g. underlining words that are to be set in italics).
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Markup does the following things: 1) An HTML & plain text editor which helps tidy up your HTML source code and produce formatted text. 2) Generate XML sections or XHTML from HTML file with XML template and XSL stylesheet. NOTE: CHINESE VER. ONLY.
Markup is the textual description of data that provides information about the data type. It is the codes and characters that change a text document into an XHTML or other Markup Language document. Text is marked up with elements, delineated by tags that are keywords contained in pairs of angle brackets
Codes added to the stream of an encoded text to signal structure, formatting, or processing commands.
Changes in proposed legislation drafted in conference, as contrasted with changes resulting from the amendment process.
A committee meeting when the original bill is “marked up” by amendments (changes to the original text). Members debate and vote on the amendments before any changes are made. Markups usually end with a vote to report the bill out of committee to the full House or Senate floor for further consideration.
The section-by-section review and revision of a bill by committee members.
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Evil. Pure Evil.
The percentage that the Client Company bill rate is greater than the Contractor salary. For example, if the hourly bill rate is $30.00 and the hourly salary is $20.00, the Markup is 50%. See also "Margin" and "Multiplier."
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(SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
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a set of defined rules about how something is to act or behave
Not yet defined.
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Markup is the assignment of an information type to content. How content is marked-up defines what ‘sort of thing’ it is, and may also affect how it looks―its presentation.
Details of the size and style of type to be used; also known as type specification.
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Markup (also mark up or mark-up) refers to the process by which a U.S.