Definitions for "marks "
Letters, numbers and or characters placed on a package for purpose of identification.
Names, letters, numbers, or symbols placed over or under the glaze on ceramic ware to indicate facts relevant to their origin and to the workers engaged in their manufacture. Marks may be impressed, incised, painted, printed, molded (sometimes raised from the surface), scratched, or stenciled.
Marks are visible impressions or traces upon a surface. Marks should be removed or repaired promptly.
The Modern Army Recordkeeping System, Army Regulation 25-400-2 , prescribes the official filing system and records retention periods used by NRM offices. See also Administration
modern Army record-keeping system
Modern Army Records Keeping System
marks is a set of ksh or bash utilities that provides a mechanism for remembering long pathnames as shorter "mark" names. Marks are persistent across multiple shell invocations, and may be shared from user to user.
Most Masters/Mistresses will ask before marking you. Remember that even the lightest application of a whip or crop will leave marks which will be visible for anything from several hours to several days.
Judges award marks to each skater/pair ranging from 0 to 6 based on the following scale: 0 = Not skated 1 = Very poor 2 = Poor 3 = Mediocre 4 = Good 5 = Very good 6 = Outstanding Tenths represent gradations of opinion (i.e. a 4.5 is between good and very good).
The point values assigned by the judges following a performance, awarded on a scale of 0.0 through 6.0.
Imperfections acquired after striking. These may be caused by other coins or foreign objects.
Imperfections acquired after a coin is struck.
Pern's basic monetary unit. They are put out by each craft, and a committee of senior crafters meets annually to determine their worth each Turn. Marks are subdivided according to the division of musical notes, down to 1/32.
(n) The fundamental graphic elements used to encode data in a visualization. Marks can be thought of as graphic primitives and are typically classified as either simple or complex. Simple marks include points, lines, areas, and volumes. Complex marks are also called glyphs. All marks interrelate closely with the dimension of the data type.
English businessman who created a retail chain (1888-1964)
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An athlete's starting point for a race or a jump.
Pieces of tape (or chalk marks) used to give actors (or the camera) a specific reference point for position.
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German currency
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See "Market Affordable Units."