Definitions for "marketability"
A measure of the ability of a security to be bought and sold. If there is an...
Marketable Securities
The ease with which an asset can be sold at a given price.
The ability to buy or sell a security quickly, without consideration for loss.
A feature of investments, reflecting the ability to buy or sell. In a soft market, it may be difficult to obtain an asked price for real estate, meaning that marketability is poor. An owner of limited partnership units may be unable to locate a secondary market purchaser, in which case marketability is at zero. Marketability may also refer to obsolescence, or to loss of equity value. For example, a highway store may be obsolete when the highway is rerouted, losing marketability; or a house may lose marketability because the cost required to make repairs exceeds the equity in the property.
The probability of selling property at a specific time, price and terms.
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the relative ability to convert assets to cash very quickly and at a minimal cost.
The ability to quickly convert property to cash at minimal cost.
A test of functional utility which is considered the most important.
level of interest in a product among potential customers