Definitions for "Markers"
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Common name casino personnel use for what are essentially players' I.O.U. slips. When wagering in unusually large amounts, credit often will be extended to the player in the form of markers.
Promissory notes or IOUs signed by players who have credit in casinos.
Credit extended to players wagering in large amounts. Markers are players IOU slips. Checks that can written at the tables by players that have established credit at the casino.
Track markers are made of plastic and indicate the boundaries of the track. They are not attached to the ice.
Objects placed to show where golfers must tee off.
(aka: "tee markers", "blocks", "tee blocks") two moveable objects that indicate the forward boundary of the teeing area. Example: The markers/tee blocks had been moved forward since yesterday.
Genetic markers are specific sets of base sequences (strings of C, G, A and T) along a living thing's chromosomes.
Identifiable differences in DNA structure or sequence that occur among individuals that can be used to identify specific genes through linkage. Polymorphisms are often used as markers, as certain polymorphisms are often inherited within families. Markers that are common to individuals harbouring certain disease genes may be used to help identify the disease gene location if the marker is close to and therefore probably inherited together with the disease gene.
Also known as a genetic marker. It is a segment of DNA at a known physical location on a chromosome. A marker can be a gene or a section of DNA with no known function. They can be used to track the inheritance pattern of genes that have not yet been identified, but whose approximate locations are known.
Specific antigens that are found on lymphocytes. Different markers are associated with lymphocytes found in the various types of leukaemia/lymphoma
Substances produced by various cancers that can be detected in the bloodstream as a way of determining the presence of cancer. For example, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is a marker which may be detected in the bloodstream during the process of diagnosing prostate cancer.
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Those marks on a pattern to denote a specific item such as a ring cover or cuff turn back line.
In Final Cut Pro, markers refer to either the edit points that define the start and end points of a clip, or points of reference that you can use to denote places of interest in your clips and sequences.
Symbols (dots, plus signs, asterisks, circles, crosses, and FORTRAN 77 characters) drawn using routines such as GPM, POINT, and POINTS.
The use of concrete pavers with different colors, textures or shapes to mark underground utilities, traffic direction, parking stalls, lanes, pedestrian/vehicular areas, etc.
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these are available with either a chisel or bullet shaped nib. The chisel tip provides wide or thin lines whilst the bullet nib offers a consistent line width.
The painted or applied details on the dial which take the place of numbers.
Elements printed or applied on the dial, sometimes they are luminescent (s.), used as reference points for the hands to indicate hours and fifteen- or five-minute intervals.
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(See monuments.)
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