Definitions for "Marker"
Keywords:  locus, linkage, phenotype, allele, loci
a sequence of bases at a unique physical location in the genome, which varies sufficiently between individuals that its pattern of inheritance can be tracked through families and/or it can be used to distinguish among cell types. A marker may or may not be part of a gene. Markers are essential for use in linkage studies and genetic maps to help scientists to narrow down the possible location of new genes, and to discover the associations between genetic mutations and disease.
gene with a known location on a chromosome; used as a point of reference when doing linkage analysis
Identifiable physical location on a chromosome, the inheritance of which can be monitored.
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An item used to mark the position of your golf ball. Used on the green to indicate the position of the ball. This may be a coin or a small object. Many clubs provide markers. Also, a term referring to a person who keeps score during stroke competition.
Usually a small, flat object used to mark a ball's position when it is picked up of the green when other player's putt or when the ball is cleaned.
(aka: "ball marker") usually a small, flat object (like a dime) used to mark the ball's position (usually, but not exclusively, on the green) while other players putt and/or the ball is cleaned.
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A slip of paper that a bettor signs when he borrows money on his account at a casino
A promissory note from a player who has borrowed money from the casino.
A Marker is used for high-roller play when a player starts his action on credit already established at a particular casino. The buy-in is established with the boxman and a marker (A LAMMER from the ones usually used to keep track of the HOUSE BANK is set out on the table to identify the dollar amount of the buy-in.
The "PC" term for paintball gun.
Another name for "paintball gun". A device used to mark other players in the exciting sport of paintball.
A paintball gun.
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An item that is placed on the ground touching a footbag at rest to mark the location of the lie.
Also known as a mini, this is a small disc used to mark a golfer's lie.
A term used to indicate either the mini marker disc or the thrown disc at rest, both of which can be used to indicate the lie from which a thrower's next shot should be played.
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a bit like a pen, but it leaves a big thick mark
an empty felt tip pen with three different nibs designed for use with dye-based inks
a drawing tool consisting of a metal or plastic casing containing a fibrous reservoir saturated with coloured ink, which feeds a felt or fibre nib.
In reining and horsemanship, a location for the pattern.
a pointer to a place somewhere inside a frontier's list of pending URIs
a pointer to a specific location inside an audio or video file
Graphic symbol representing a phoneme, morpheme or other element of a language and used only in combination with an inde­pendent letter or syllabo­gram. Example: Arabic shaddah (dou­bling marker).
some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something; "the buoys were markers for the channel"
a distinguishing symbol; "the owner's mark was on all the sheep"
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A "landmark" that can be localized to a specific region of the genome. All markers on the Human Transcript Map are STSs.
a landmark which may be a natural one, (tree, sign, building ) or a flag which will have the sealed envelopes with maps and clues with each teams name on it
a point on the map with a defined style
Keywords:  tag, dlcosmk, dscpmk, ipqos, diffserv
1. A module in the diffserv architecture and IPQoS that marks the DS field of an IP packet with a value that indicates how the packet is to be forwarded. In the IPQoS implementation, the marker module is dscpmk. 2. A module in the IPQoS implementation, which marks the virtual LAN tag of an Ethernet datagram with a user priority value. The user priority value indicates how datagrams are to be forwarded on a network with VLAN devices. This module is called dlcosmk.
Rounds fired by the Marker Launcher which tag an enemy VT with a radar signature visible by all teammates for two minutes. Very useful for marking VTs for artillery placement or rear attack strategies. Can only be equipped by a limited number of VTs, the majority of which belong to the Right Brothers faction.
Synonym for tag.
An object of a conventional shape, flag, or painted sign displayed above ground level (AGL) for the purpose of indicating an obstacle or delineating a boundary. Fr: balise
a data structure indicating the nodes we are interested in
an excellent training tool
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Radio transmitters located along the final approach path that send a narrow signal straight up into the air. When an aircraft flies through the cone-shaped signal area of a marker, an indicator is activated in the cockpit. The farthest marker from the runway is the outer marker, then the middle marker, and the closest to the runway is the inner marker.
A cone or series of cones lying down. The cone they seem to be pointing at is the one you have to go around. There are several examples in the photo above. If you happen to hit a marker cone when you plow through a gate, it won't count against you. Only the actual gate cones count.
Marker has been a manufacturer of alpine ski bindings since 1952. Founded by Hannes Marker, the company is known for pioneering releasable binding technology. Marker's first model, the Duplex, led the way and was followed in 1953 by the highest binding ever, the simplex toe.
The white disk shaped pulsating markers are used 1) in the KI calibration procedure; 2) in the one-time marker games as it is written in a notebook in the Training center. One type of it, the marker quest is available again in if you have a calibrated so called Christmas KI.
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Marker was an American hour long television drama that premiered on the UPN on January 17, 1995. It was set in and filmed in Hawaii.
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a visual cue that you can apply on your timeline
A verbal cue that the take has been identified on camera both verbally and with the slate board.
Keywords:  tine, bout, tractor, groove, exact
A device fitted to many soil working implements to allow the tractor driver to return down the field at an exact distance from the previous bout by following a groove in the soil made with a disc or tine. The mark may be followed by the wheel or the centre of the tractor.
A marker is a type of special purpose control system that was used in electromechanical telephone central office switches. Central office switches are the large devices that telephone companies use to make the connections that support telephone calls. So the switch will be used to make the voice connections between users, and to make connections to other equipment such as that used to detect the tones in DTMF (commonly called TouchTone) dialing.
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See polymarker.
a characteristic behavior that occurs when an individual shifts from one state to another, usually in the face of a difficult situation
A device or a taggant placed into an explosive material that has utility after an explosion to identify the manufacturer, the date, and shift when it was manufactured. See Taggant, Identification Taggants.
A coordinate placed on the body in a predetermined consistent manner that is used to derive position. See Appendix A for specifics on markers used to analyze pronation and supination.
a writing implement for making a mark
a seemingly obvious tool for writing and embellishing on scrapbook pages
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a memorial of granite or marble placed on a lot that extends well above the surface of the lawn.
A single marble used as a target.
Chemical substance produced by a cancer and used to monitor the progress of the disease. Usually measured by a blood test.
a chemical in the blood which is produced by cancer cells, or by the body when a cancer is there
a chemical produced by a cancer which can be picked up in the blood
a Lisp object used to specify a position in a buffer relative to the surrounding text
a reference point in a buffer
a placeholder within a document or message
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A monument or memorial to mark the place of burial.
Keywords:  billiards, game, counter, played, keeps
One who keeps account of a game played, as of billiards.
A counter used in card playing and other games.
a person appointed and trained by the Qualifications Authority to be responsible for ensuring valid, fair and consistent assessment judgements. Markers assist with the operation of the external assessment process, being allocated a number of answer booklets for which they are responsible.
Markers are used to label nodes temporarily for use in editing.
Something that is experimentally measureable. This could be an enzyme activity, a radioactive label, a protein that you have an antibody against, etc.
An attachment to a sewing machine for marking a line on the fabric by creasing it.
a point where, no matter all the maneuvering and goings-on, the characters absolutely have to hit their spot in order for other things to happen
A small, clear plastic button that is placed in a betting circle to reserve a spot at a table. Spots can be usually reserved for twenty minutes before you lose your seat.
The soldier who forms the pilot of a wheeling column, or marks the direction of an alignment.
Keywords:  stake, nail, rod, pipe, lot
A stake, pipe, rod, nail or any other object used for lot recording purposes. Not intended to be used as a permanent point.
Keywords:  gamble, slip, extended, paper, someone
1. Credit extended by the house so someone can gamble. 2. A slip of paper recording the loan.
a digital pulse that can generate at specific points within a waveform generation
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See "Verification Stamp."
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A plastic block that marks the boundary between lanes. There are seven track markers at each curve.
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a fixed string
a repository item that has a standard set of string properties named Key, Value and Data
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see 'Molecular Marker'
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a number in a tiny font size that may or may not be the correct solution for a given box
Keywords:  logic, paths, external, wired, circuit
A wired-logic control circuit that, among other functions, tests, selects, and establishes paths through a switching state(s) in response to external signals.
Keywords:  graph, unique, edge, flow, associated
a unique id associated with a control flow graph edge
a small button that will have on it the amount of an exchange in progress
a responsible person acceptable to the Committee
Keywords:  multiple, function, uses
a function of the KI that has multiple uses
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One who or that which marks.