Definitions for "Marked"
A rabbit, usually white, which is broken up by an orderly placement of another color(s). Also includes rabbits which carry the Tan Pattern.
A rabbit's fur usually white, which is broken up by an orderly placement of another color. Also refers to rabbits that carry the pattern of the Tan variety.
Marked carnival usually means newer carnival with the exception of Northwood but, ALL Northwood pieces are NOT marked with an N within a circle. NONE of the Fenton carnival glass produced prior to 1940 were stamped with Fenton inside the oval. There are NO early Imperial pieces marked IG or LIG. Early Dugan and Millersburg carnival glass was NOT marked with a trademark.
Referring to an item that contains any manufacturer's mark, logo, hallmark, patent information, etc. Could be either molded in the glass or embossed on the metal.
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Designated or distinguished by, or as by, a mark; hence; noticeable; conspicuous; as, a marked card; a marked coin; a marked instance.
Distinguished from the basic form (e.g., the singular) by the presence of a particular linguistic feature (e.g., /s/ indicating the plural) or, as in phonology, for example, of the two phonemes /t/ and /d/, the /d/ is marked because it exhibits the feature of voice.
strongly marked; easily noticeable; "walked with a marked limp"; "a pronounced flavor of cinnamon"
Describes a seal that has been marked by attaching an inscribed metal or plastic tag to one or more of its flippers, by hair clipping, or by bleaching.
As to any information or materials, marked or otherwise identified as confidential or proprietary.
having or as if having an identifying mark or a mark as specified; often used in combination; "played with marked cards"; "a scar-marked face"; "well-marked roads"
any method used to alter the face or edge of a card in order to be able to identify it from the marking at a later time.
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wine with an excess of one or more elements
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of known location.