Definitions for "Mark Up"
Meetings where congressional committees go through the original draft of a bill and offer amendments that can be accepted or rejected by the committees' membership.
The section-by-section review and revision of a bill by committee members.
The process of amending a legislative proposal. Held by the Committee of jurisdiction, committee members can offer amendments, which if successful, changes the legislative language of a particular bill. If the bill is changed drastically the committee might reintroduce the legislation under a new bill.
(1) The process of preparing a manuscript for setting, with standard markings for the typesetter. (2) The operation of converting typesetting specifications to computerized typesetting instruction codes and the process of indicating these codes on the manuscript as items to be included during the keyboarding. to top
Copy prepared for a compositor setting out in detail all the typesetting instructions. Rarely used today.
Instructions written usually on a "dummy."
Usually used when describing budget matters. Used at times such as when lawmakers go through the state budget line by line, reviewing each item and appropriation.
The user action of applying ink as commentary to or highlighting of original content.
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is the amount (often expressed as a percentage) that is added to the cost price to get the retail or selling price.
An amount added to the cost of an item to determine its price to the customer.
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cover an opponent
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Increasing the price of a security. Usually when a dealer sells a security to a customer.
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v. to apply mark-up.
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increase the price of