Definitions for "Marimbula"
Keywords:  piano, pluck, bant, congolese, bass
A large resonant wooden box with a (kalimba-like) thumb piano constructed over an opening in the box. It is of Congolese Bantú origin and was the original bass instrument in the Changui groups. The player sits on the box and plucks at the metal keys and strikes rythmic figures on the box itself.
An African-derived instrument used to provide a bass accompaniment in some early conjuntos de son. Marímbulas are constructed from large box resonators with a hole cut in them, allowing sound to escape. Steel metal strips are fastened near the opening. Marímbula players sit on the box and pluck the metal strips, which have been tuned to particular pitches.
Of the lamellaphone family, it is a large resonant wooden with a thumb piano constructed in the opening of the box; the musician makes the metal keys vibrate by plucking them with the fingers and the sound is amplified by the wooden box. The length of the keys determines the note's pitch. The box also serves as a seat for the musician. This rather crude instrument is frequently found in son groups instead of the double bass.