Definitions for "Marc"
Machine-Readable Cataloging, a short and convenient term for assigning labels to each part of a catalogue record so that it can be handled by computers
MAchine Readable Cataloguing - a format conforming to the ISO 2709 standard for the exchange of bibliographic information, e.g. USMARC.
Machine Readable Cataloging, meaning that one particular type of machine, a computer, can read and interpret the data in the cataloging record. Eastern Shores uses this standard for cataloging.
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The refuse matter which remains after the pressure of fruit, particularly of grapes.
clear, brandy-like liqueur derived from fermented grape pressings
The French term for pomace, the residue of skins seeds and pulp left after pressing white wine grapes, or after fermenting red wine grapes. Also, a distilled spirit made from this residue, the French equivalent of the Italian grappa.
an instructor in the Kaplan CPA Review Structured Classroom Program in Woodbridge, New Jersey
an instructor of finance at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska
A coin formerly current in England and Scotland, equal to thirteen shillings and four pence.
MARC (Mailing list ARChive) is a computer-related mailing list archive. It archives over 24 million e-mails from over 1900 mailing lists, with approximately 300,000 new mails added per month. The archive is hosted by the company 10 East, formerly called the AIMS Group, and is maintained by a group of volunteers led by Hank Leininger.
Medieval and Renaissance Collegium
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Marc was a British television series starring T. Rex lead singer Marc Bolan.
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My ex. How long before and ex times out and you can't call him your ex anymore? I don't know but it's been seven years and I still call him my ex. We aren't on speaking terms and I'm not sure what ever became of him.
Monitoring and Risk Assessment Centre (GBR)
Monitoring and Assessment Research Centre
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A weight of various commodities, esp. of gold and silver, used in different European countries. In France and Holland it was equal to eight ounces.
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Maryland Rail Commuter Services.
Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition
Minority Access to Research Careers
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Mid-America Regional Council
a manager with our firm and has nine years of experience in public accounting, including four serving the regulated investment company industry
Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee
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A German coin and money of account. See Mark.
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the best