Definitions for "Maple"
A tree of the genus Acer, including about fifty species. Acer saccharinum is the rock maple, or sugar maple, from the sap of which sugar is made, in the United States, in great quantities, by evaporation; the red maple or swamp maple is Acer rubrum; the silver maple, Acer dasycarpum, having fruit wooly when young; the striped maple, Acer Pennsylvanium, called also moosewood. The common maple of Europe is Acer campestre, the sycamore maple is Acer Pseudo-platanus, and the Norway maple is Acer platanoides.
a type of tree with broad leaves found in temperate zones
A very hard wood used in lane approaches, headers, pin decks and pins on wood lanes.
An proprietary mathematics program. Maple can do numerical work and symbolic work (like doing integrals). Might be useful if you're a paper and pencil theorist, but cannot be relied upon to do all your work. See Mathematica.
a sophisticated piece of mathematical software applicable to every course we teach here at AWC
Maple is a general-purpose commercial mathematics software package. It was first developed in 1981 by the Symbolic Computation Group at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
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