Definitions for "manzanita"
Keywords:  evergreen, shrub, bark, berries, oval
A name given to several species of Arctostaphylos, but mostly to Arctostaphylos glauca and Arctostaphylos pungens, shrubs of California, Oregon, etc., with reddish smooth bark, ovate or oval coriaceous evergreen leaves, and bearing clusters of red berries, which are said to be a favorite food of the grizzly bear.
( Arctostaphylus sp.)-also called bearberry. Manzanita is a low- growing evergreen shrub that is found at elevations of 3500 to 8000 feet. The plant is characterized by its red bark and oval-shaped leaves.
chiefly evergreen shrubs of warm dry areas of western North America
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Manzanita is the title of an album by Mia Doi Todd, released 2005-02-08 on the Plug Research label.