Definitions for "Manufacturing Resource Planning"
Keywords:  mrp, simulation, ideally, mrpii, mrpi
A method for the effective planning of all resources of a manufacturing company. It links business planning, production planning, production scheduling, MRP I (see above), and capacity requirements planning.
A method for the effective planning of all the resources of a manufacturing company. Ideally it addresses operational planning in units, financial planning in money, and has a simulation capability to answer what if questions. It is made up of a variety of functions, each linked together: business planning, master (or production) planning, master production scheduling, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning and the execution systems for capacity and priority. Outputs from these systems would be integrated with financial reports such as the business plan, purchase commitment report, shipping budget, stock projections in money etc. Manufacturing resource planning is a direct out-growth and extension of material requirements planning (MRP-1).
An expansion of material requirements planning (MRPI) to give a broader approach than MRPI to the planning and scheduling of resources, embracing areas such as finance, logistics, engineering and marketing.
System of manufacturing controls using computers. Affects purchasing, materials management, inventory control, and production management.