Definitions for "Mantel"
The finish around a fireplace, covering the chimney-breast in front and sometimes on both sides; especially, a shelf above the fireplace, and its supports. The shelf is called also a mantelpiece or mantlepiece.
Also, mantle; short for mantelpiece, the finish or finished and framed area around a fireplace; today, essentially synonymous with fireplace, fireplace surround, chimneypiece, or fire surround; generally made of stone or wood
a protruding shelf above the fireplace.
A climbing move which looks like a small child climbing up to the kitchen counter. Hand(s) are on ledge, one foot comes up, as you rock over one hand with your elbow locked.
A climbing move in which downward pressure is applied with the hands to a ledge, lifting the body high enough to get the feet on that same ledge. Usually used when no handholds are available.
using downpressure with the hands to permit your feet to get up onto the same hold as your hands when no useful handholds are available higher up
Masonry Mastic Millwork MiterJoint Molding Motar Mullion
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a Major Architectural Focal Point of