Definitions for "Manifestation Determination"
A manifestation determination requires the IEP team to review the possible relationship between a student's disability and the student's behavior that may result in a suspension or explusion. The team must consider evaluation and diagnostic results, including data gleaned from the F.B.A. The team must also determine if the IEP and placement is appropriate, if the required program, including supplementary aids and services were provided, if the delineated behavioral interventions were consistently/reliably implemented as outlined in the IEP, and if the student understood his or her behavior and could control the behavior.
is a decision made by the IEP Team as to whether a behavior is related to a child's disability.
Part of a pre-expulsion assessment in which the individualized education program (IEP) team determines whether a special education student's misconduct that otherwise could warrant expulsion is, instead, a direct manifestation of that student's identified disability and, therefore, not something for which the student may be expelled from school.