Definitions for "Maniac"
Loose, agressive player: often bluffs/raises; rarely calls/folds.
Nickname for a player who is very aggressive. This type of player plays a lot of hand, raises frequently, and often bluffs. Often, maniacs lose a lot of money at poker.
A wild, reckless player who will play as many pots as possible and bets big.
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Raving with madness; raging with disordered intellect; affected with mania; mad.
A raving lunatic; a madman.
an insane person
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Maniac is an American slasher film, about a disturbed and traumatized serial killer who scalps his victims. It was directed by William Lustig, and co-written by Joe Spinell (who also developed the story and starred as the lead character) and C.A. Rosenberg.
Maniac is a 1963 Hammer Film Productions release filmed in black and white in the Camargue district of southern France. It starred Kerwin Matthews, Nadia Gray, Lillian Brouse and Donald Houston.
a formidable and unpredictable foe
An outmoded term for a person afflicted with mental illness. In the past, it usually referred to a highly excited person or a person with an inordinate, uncontrollable passion for or obsession with some thing or someone.
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Mechanic Mid-Life Crisis Middle Position
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any fossil collector except for me
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a person who exhibits the behaviour known as mania
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n.: An early computer built by nuts.