Definitions for "Mania"
Bipolar disorder; a mood disorder characterized by excessive elation, inflated self-esteem and grandiosity, hyperactivity, agitation, and accelerated thinking and speaking.
An affective state marked by prominent symptoms of elevated and expansive or irritable mood. May have associated with it symptoms of decreased need for sleep, increased goal directed activities, and racing thoughts among others.
inappropriate exhilaration.
Violent derangement of mind; madness; insanity. Cf. Delirium.
Excessive or unreasonable desire; insane passion affecting one or many people; as, the tulip mania.
popular name of insanity; in psychiatry, as a science, it means a state of lifted spirits and anxiety
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Mania was released in 1986 in the UK and the U.S. on Big Time Records. It was The Lucy Show's second, and final, album. The band changed direction from the richly atmospheric and melancholy ...undone and aimed for a more upbeat, commercial sound.
Mania (1984) is Menudo's 14th album and their first one in Portuguese featuring Ricky Melendez, Charlie Rivera, Ray Reyes, Roy Rosello, and Robby Rosa. The songs on this album are a selection from the group's previous three Spanish albums translated into Portuguese. This is the last album that Ricky Melendez recorded as a member of the group.
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Frantic behavior.
an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action
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a time of time of deceptions
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a lot like a speeding freight train
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see Buying Panic
Mania may refer to two different mythological figures.