Definitions for "Mangroves"
Open or closed stands of trees and bushes occurring in the tropics in inter-tidal zones, usually around the mouths of rivers, creeks and lagoons where soils are heavy textured and have a fluctuating salt content and soil level.     A name used collectively for the assemblage of plants, as well as to refer to individual genera or species, for example, woody members of the Rhizophoraceae, Combretaceae and Verbenaceae. These have knee-like roots that are 'pneumatophores' (roots with air spaces). Grown for wood and tannins.
(1) Tropical and subtropical trees with salt-tolerant roots that grow along brackish shorelines; (2) the dense forests that these trees create along brackish waterways.
Salt-tolerant woody plants that grow in muddy swamps inundated by tides. Mangrove plants form communities that help stabilize banks and coastlines.
Vegetation foudn in estuarine areas