Definitions for "Mangonel"
A military engine formerly used for throwing stones and javelins.
A form of catapult. (Gies, Joseph and Francis. Life in a Medieval Castle, 226) Stone-throwing siege engine, often thought to have operated on the torsion principle. (Prestwich, Michael. Armies and Warfare in the Middle Ages: The English Experience, 348) Siege engine operated by the torsion principle and capable of throwing a 300-pound stone up to 400 yards. (Wise, Terence. Medieval Warfare, 250) Related terms: Ballista / Bombard / Catapult / Espringale / Springald / Trebuchet
A medieval engine of war ( OED). The usage is puzzling. It might indicate a subtlety depicting a siege in miniature; or it might merely signify food in the form of a cylinder ('mangle'). See also 'motte'.
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smaller version of the mangana