Definitions for "mailbox"
A location within a computer storage device where electronic mail is held until it is retrieved by the addressee. Creation and use of an electronic mailbox requires special software as well as a data storage device.
A mailbox is the place where e-mail is placed. It can refer to the Sympatico mail server where mail is stored before you retrieve it. It can also refer to the space on your computer where your e-mail is stored after you retreive it. Find out more about e-mail.
View Message and Write Message Return to your inbox, which contains all fetched mail that has not been deleted.
A public box for deposit of mail, where it is later picked up by the postal authority for delivery.
A private box to recieve delivery of mail. The term is used both for boxes receiving mail delivered by the public postal authority, or by a private services, such as for mail to employees in large corporations.
A destination where mails are sent to. It is more general than your in-box that contains the mails delivered to you. A mailbox can also be a program (which prints the mail to a printer) or other things.
This term is used mostly in place of a vagina. When a female claims to have "Takin' it in the mailbox", she is obviously talking about herself being screwed senseless. Also when a male says "I put it in her mailbox", he is referring to his penis, in her vagina. - Benjamin Goroncy, & Matthew G, Pennsylvania
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A storage location where received e-mail or voice mail is kept.
What is a mailbox? Mailbox is a receptacle intended for the receiving and sending of postal material.
See Mail Receiver. (boîte aux lettres)
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See Combox.
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ASL Browser
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"Mailbox" is an episode of the American sitcom My Name Is Earl.
In EDI, it is the association of data field contents from an internal computer system such as purchasing to the field contents in the EDI standard being used. The same mapping takes place in reverse during the receipt of an EDI document. In network operations, the logical association of one set of values, such as addresses on one network, with quantities or values of another set, such as devices on another network (e.g.: name-address mapping, internetwork-route mapping, protocol-to-protocol mapping).
An Internet-based repository for e-mail receipt, as defined by a personalised e-mail address or domain name.
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a nice focal point so provides alot of potential
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a physical entity that can be monitored by KBiff
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This accessory allows printed jobs to be separated into a specific individuals bin in a sorter.
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a sitting duck
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(Locked Tickets) Overview of all agent locked tickets.
An L-shaped steel tube which fits over a boat's propeller, forcing the water downward while the boat is anchored with engines running.
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Looks like a mailbox, but it is extended about 10 feet long, riders slide and grind on it.
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a great addition too
a great beginning point, because it's the place where things come to from the outside world
an additional holding place for mail here on the Expert Net server
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a resource, a login is required to access that resource
A replicated mailbox on disk that holds incoming electronic mail.
See Electronic Mailbox.
a convenient mechanism using which multiple tasks can communicate with each other
a software facility which transfers data between running programs
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a physical location
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a good example
a single file that contains e-mail for a particular user
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a property list