Definitions for "Mail server"
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A host server which holds email messages for clients. The client (the program you use to get your email) connects to the mail server and retrieves any messages that are waiting for you.
A computer responsible for processing and/or storing e-mail. It is the electronic equivalent of a post office. E-mail accounts exist on a mail server, where e-mail messages are stored until retrieval by the e-mail client.
Program that stores and forwards Internet mail, according to Internet protocols such as IMAP, SMTP, or POP. Examples of mail servers on Macintosh are AppleShare IP Mail Server and Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS). Also the computer that a mail server program runs on.
Any member of a class of Internet programs (e.g. majordomo, listserv. mailserv, etc.) that allows users to participate in ongoing data exchanges or file retrieval via electronic mail.
A program used to automatically manage mailing lists. Commonly Majordomo, Listserv and Listproc.
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(see MTA)
a non-trivial piece of software, configuration- and otherwise
Refers to both the application and the physical machine tasked with routing incoming and outgoing electronic mail.
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a program that accepts, relays, and delivers mail