Definitions for "Magnify"
To make great, or greater; to increase the dimensions of; to amplify; to enlarge, either in fact or in appearance; as, the microscope magnifies the object by a thousand diameters.
To have the power of causing objects to appear larger than they really are; to increase the apparent dimensions of objects; as, some lenses magnify but little.
To cause an image to appear larger or smaller than the corresponding object. When we look through a lens, we often see things magnified: convex lenses often magnify objects larger, while concave lenses always magnify objects smaller. Mirrors can also magnify objects.
To exaggerate; as, to magnify a loss or a difficulty.
to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth; "tended to romanticize and exaggerate this `gracious Old South' imagery"
Keywords:  extol, laud, praise, highly
To praise highly; to laud; to extol.
To increase the importance of; to augment the esteem or respect in which one is held.
To have effect; to be of importance or significance.
increase in size, volume or significance; "Her terror was magnified in her mind"
Keywords:  image, remote, external, blow, video
make large; "blow up an image"
A term for a data video projection function by which specific image areas can be magnified using a remote control or external control unit.