Definitions for "MAE"
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(Metropolitan Area Exchange) is a major public network access point (NAP) for interconnecting traffic between ISPs. The terms MAE and NAP are often used interchangeably. The term MAE is sometimes used to only identify the first NAPs set up by MFS Communications/MCI Worldcom: MAE-East (Washington D.C.), MAE-Central (Dallas, TX), MAE-West (San Jose, CA), as well as the two MAE FE - Frame Encapsulation (FE), Packet over SONET (POS) services in Chicago and NY. Basically, MAEs/NAPs are major interconnection points (and often the congestion points) that determine how/where traffic is routed in what is considered the Internet backbone. MaxDupAcks
A MAE (pronounced MAY), originally an abbreviation for Metropolitan Area Exchange and now a service mark of MCI WorldCom, is a major center in the United States for switch traffic between Internet service providers (Internet service provider).
A large Internet traffic switching station where ISP backbones meet and traffic moves between them.
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Ministero Affari Esteri
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Mae is an indie rock group that formed in Norfolk, Virginia in 2001. Jacob Marshall and Dave Elkins began what would become Mae by writing their first song, "Embers and Envelopes", in Marshall's living room. Their name is an acronym of Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience, which comes from a theory called aesthetic theory, explored by Marshall while a student at Old Dominion University.
Maximum Allowable Environment. The highest radiated field-strength levels to which ordnance can be exposed without exceeding EED HERO margins.
A short introductory section before the main odoriji
Medication Administration Error. Specificially, an error in the administration of a drug, either in dose, timing, patient identification, or drug identification.
mean absolute error
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French Ministry of Foreign Affairs