Definitions for "Maduro"
Keywords:  wrapper, ripe, cigar, cuban, reddish
A dark brown shade of wrapper tobacco leaf, usually thought of as the traditional Cuban cigar color. The dark brown color can be achieved though sun exposure, a cooking process or a prolonged fermentation. Maduro wrappers are rich and smooth, making for a full flavored and slightly sweet tasting cigar. At present, maduro cigars are very popular. Colorado Maduro has slightly lighter shade. In Spanish, maduro means "ripe". See also Colorado Maduro, Wrapper.
A cigar, very dark brown in color (like black coffee). These are usually selected by experienced smokers. Thought of as the traditional Cuban color.
A Spanish term which means the darkest tobacco. A dark brown wrapper.
Keywords:  vida, apogeu, estado, ncia, sua
No apogeu de sua vida; estado que precede a decadĂȘncia