Definitions for "macro"
a single computer instruction which symbolizes, and is converted at the time of program execution or by a compiler into, a series of instructions in the same computer language.
A keystroke (or combination of keystrokes) which symbolizes and is replaced by a series of keystrokes; -- a convenient feature of some advanced programs, such as word processors or database programs, which allows a user to rapidly execute any series of operations which may be performed multiple times. Such macros may typically be defined by the program user, without rewriting or recompiling the program.
Macros are sequences of infrared commands that are played back, in order, by a remote control at the push of a single button. Macros can be used to automate the powering on or off of your system, playing a movie or changing inputs. Not all remote controls feature macro capabilities. See also: delay, recording, timer, activity control.
Another word for close-up photography, but specifically referring to taking pictures at or near life-size. Can be defined as a ratio; for example, a 1:2 ratio means that the image on film is half-life-size of the object in nature.
A type of lens and digital camera mode used for extreme close-up photography. A macro lens can focus on an object that is as close as 4 cm away. Most compact digital cameras have an integrated macro lens. It is offered as a separate lens on digital and film SLR cameras.
A function that allows the camera to capture a high resolution image even when the tip of the lens is very near the subject, and is used by naturalists, researchers and hobbyists to photograph small objects such as insects, flowers (Sample:, coins, stamps and small animals (Sample: Many cameras have this function, though with varying degrees of efficacy. More specialized cameras can capture excellent images even when the tip of the lens is very near the subject. Citing an example, the Ricoh Caplio RR30 has a "1cm Macro” function that takes excellent photos even when the lens is 1 centimeter away from the subject
A predefined set of cammands easily accessed and ready for use at the push of a button. Macros can be as simple as storing commonly used phrases so you don't need to type the same thing over and over again.
An identifier followed by arguments or a parenthesized list of arguments that the preprocessor replaces with the replacement code located in a preprocessor define directive. See predefined macro.
A sequence of predefined directives that the C preprocessor interprets at compile time. When the preprocessor encounters the macro name in the source code, the preprocessor substitutes the macro definition for it. QuickDraw GX provides macros for number format conversions.
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(mack´ roh) [Gr. makros: large, long] • A prefix commonly used to denote something large. (Contrast with micro-.)
prefix used to denote the total or complex structure of something (large).
Meaning long, large or expanded and is used often as a prefix to a term to point out the large, expanded use of the term.
Macro assembler language. C hadn't quite escaped from Bell Labs, so nearly all hacks were done in assembly language.
a code which is written in the internal language of an application
a construct defined in Lisp by the programmer
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a collection of troff primitives or requests
a component made of nets and primitives, flip-flops, or latches that implements high-level functions, such as adders, subtracters, and dividers
a SUBroutine that has an ENDing
a subroutine that is called immediately upon completion of parsing
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a block of text or HTML that is defined in a single place which may then be used repeatedly in any of your cloaked documents
a block of text that is referred to by a name (or symbol)
a named piece of text defined in the webx
The term macro implies substitution. The SilverPlatter macros used in WebSPIRS are prewritten functions that provide for necessary chores, such as logging in and searching and retrieving information.
a function that is called immediately upon completion of the parsing of its arguments
an extension plugin that can be called from wiki markup to perform some output depending on arguments given to it
a source-to-source translation, but a combinator (as a function) doesn't have access to the implementation its arguments, i
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Macrosite An area that is comprised of a number of smaller tracked areas, often of various designations. The NADb record for a macrosite would normally contain composite, summary information (of a more general nature) for all the areas the macrosite contains. An example of a macrosite is the "Long Point Biosphere Reserve", which contains a number of ANSI's, ESA's, wetlands, parks and conservation areas.
Large, or pertaining to an entire system. opposite of micro.
A specimen which is between a micro and a tn in size, not quite either.
Usually applied to the same system. Macro is the largest scale of a system, micro the smallest. For example, the ends of universe is macro, sub-atomic particles are micro. The tools of perception of each are usually different but similar, as with a telescope and a microscope.
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a cool idea, but I'm unsure about secuity issues
a great idea
1. A Frontier script, embedded in the source of a web page or in its template, delimited by curly braces. 2. A script that is called by an embedded macro (1. above).
a piece of code that can be embedded in a data file
a script that is embedded in the source text of a web page
a modular structure similar to the IC, that allows the user to define new elements and add them to DigiLab's library
a name that you define to represent a variable that may occur several times within the Makefile
a range of interfaces that you select and define
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in botany, giant
If there's something that you do over and over again, you can make a "macro", which is a recording of your actions. You then assign a toolbar button or a key combination that will replay the recording. Say you frequently want to print just the current page of whichever document you're working on. You make a macro that goes "File Print Current Page OK". After that, you just have to click the button you've assigned to the macro and the page you're working on will be printed. Macros can be much more complicated than this example.
a recorded action that you set and then duplicate whenever you want
a set of one or more actions that each perform a particular operation, such as opening a form or
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a fragment of code which has been given a name
a template fragment associated with a variable
a template fragment with an associated name
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The word macro means large, or relating to an entire system. When pertaining...
very large in scale or scope or capability; as, macroeconomics.
very large in scale or scope or capability; "`macro' in the word `macroscopic' is a combining form"
a component described by a subcircuit
In the context of hedge funds, a style of management that takes long-term strategic bets. For example, the manager might believe that the Yen will appreciate relative to the dollar over the next six months and alter the portfolio to capture this potential profit opportunity. Source
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an inline register procedure
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a code scrap that you'll use frequently
a good idea if you want to include it in the code you write
A set of characters (i.e. @@[email protected]@), which act as a placeholder, indicating where personalized or dynamic content will be inserted.
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a parser that gets an empty block of lines
a scalable approach for representing domain-level concepts
Facility on most camcorders for shooting very close to a subject - so the subject appears larger than life on the TV screen.
a container for any combination of Modules
a functional logic group that can contain combinational and sequential logic
A one to one or higher magnification of a subject captured on film.
In relation to composites, denotes the gross properties of a composite as a structural element but does not consider the individual properties or identity of the constituents.
a function which transforms one sort of expression into another
1. a macro form 2. a macro function. 3. a macro name.
Pre-designed logical function with a name; May be multiple cells.
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a mechanism for incorporating dynamic content in the middle of page output
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a name (or label) to use in place of several other names
a name to use in place of one or more other names
a way to assign a value to a name, and then use the name to refer to the value
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The ability to take photos at a close range.
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a unique identifier
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a panel that holds more than one acting entity
a string of characters which can be activated by typing one character
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See the “Physical Macros” section.
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