Definitions for "LvR "
See Large Volume Receiver. (gros destinataire de courrier – GDC)
Large Volume Receiver. Customer that receives an average of more than 50 pieces of letter-type mail each business day. (gros destinataire de courrier – GDC)
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LVR stands for loan-to-value ratio. The loan-to-value ratio is a percentage rate reflecting the amount of equity in a property versus what you owe on that property.
Loan to value ratio. Used to measure the percentage of equity in a mortgage versus the value of the property.
Also called the Loan To Value Ratio. Is the ratio of the value of your loan to the value of the security you provide to the lender. A term used by lenders when describing the maximum amount the lender will approve against the value of any property taken as security for the loan.
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Linux via RPM is an RPM-based Linux distribution implementation based upon LFS.
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Acronym for Lunar Roving Vehicle.
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Left Ventricular Reduction