Definitions for "LUT"
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Look Up Table. A memory which is used to perform tabulate the results of a calculation. The memory address is formed from the input to the calculation, and the memory contents are the result of the calculation. All possible calculations must be performed in advance, with the results forming the (static) look up table.
Look-up table. A cross-reference table in the computer memory that transforms raw information from the scanner or computer and corrects values to compensate for weakness in equipment or for differences in emulsion types.
Lookup table, a means of storing data that would otherwise require an unreasonable amount of resources. For example, a palette is a type of lookup table that allows image data to be encoded indirectly, thereby reducing its overall space requirements. Gamma correction, on the other hand, has potentially large computational requirements, since it involves the use of exponential functions. Calculating the exponentials once for every possible sample value and storing the results in a lookup table is almost always more efficient than computing an exponential for every sample in the image.
Lagenunabhängiger Torpedo Torpedo that could run in pre-programmed patterns and loops after initial straight run. This torpedo was an improvement over the 'FAT' with additional search pattern options. Intended for use against convoys.
The storage space for pre-set measurements and adjustments for different media, file types, printers, etc.
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(like nut). One of the 100 corporeal, members of Caligastia's staff (see Ang). Lut headed the guardians of health and life commission. 747:7, (66:5.17)
LUT is a light-weight unit testing framework for the C++ language. LUT provides many features to ease the creation of new tests.
A device that translates between multiple devices and one SCSI ID.
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Local User Terminals
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Land utilization type