Definitions for "Lurk"
Regardless of a discussin group's size, there are generally a number of subscribers who follow the discussion, but choose not to participate in it. These are the lurkers. Generally speaking, it is best to lurk for a while after subscribing to a new list in order to familiarize yourself with the group.
A lurk is a person who goes around looking at all the Usenet newsgroups or chat rooms without participating in the conversation or posting a message. However, the negative connotation that we apply to the word does not necessarily apply online. Most people lurk when they are new to a group until they are familiar with the scope or the rules.
to read and observe the going-ons of a public discussion without posting or contributing to it.
Keywords:  psionic, honed, rogues, deadly, warrior
a psionic character who has honed her mental talents to a deadly focus
A lurk is a lightly armoured warrior possessing a similar role to the rogue introduced in the Complete Psionic book. Unlike rogues, however, lurks call upon psionic powers to augment their abilities. They are notable for their ability to perceive the weaknesses of enemies and take advantage of them.
Keywords:  lie, wait, sneaky, ambush, hidden
To lie hidden; to lie in wait.
lie in wait, lie in ambush, behave in a sneaky and secretive manner
wait in hiding to attack
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lurker LUWAMH
Keywords:  orkan, equivalent, earth, year, measure
An Orkan measure of time, possibly equivalent to one Earth year.
Keywords:  sight
To keep out of sight.
Keywords:  opponent, bid, pass, hand, right
pass over right-hand opponent's opening bid.