Definitions for "Lungfish"
Keywords:  dipnoi, gills, fins, lobe, fish
Any fish belonging to the Dipnoi; -- so called because they have both lungs and gills.
air-breathing fish having an elongated body and fleshy paired fins; certain species construct mucus-lined mud coverings in which to survive drought
A family of fishes having both gills and lungs.
Now operating in its 17th year, Lungfish is a post-rock band based in Baltimore, Maryland. All of their music has been released by the Washington, D.C. punk label Dischord except for their first LP, Necklace of Heads which was released by Simple Machines (it was later added to the CD release of Talking Songs for Walking by Dischord). While seemingly mundane on the surface, Lungfish remains one of the most intense, strange, and dedicated bands in the music world, constantly repeating similar ideas over and over.