Definitions for "LUIS"
Library User Information System. The telnet version of the University of South Florida Library's online catalog - now WebLUIS/USF. The following Help tips work at the command line of the web-based catalog since LUIS provides the underpinnings. The State University System of Florida is shopping for a new "Library Management System" so that soon WebLUIS will be a thing of the past - and telnet-able LUIS is already a thing of the past! Athena Holcomb's WebLUIS Search Tips LUIS: Some Search Statement Features LUIS Search Commands LUIS Format and Language Codes LUIS Location Codes for USF MetaLIB MetaLIB is a metasearch tool developed by ExLibris and being implemented at Florida's State University libraries. (It is already in use in places like UMUC.) MetaLib will allow users to search up to eight databases simultaneously providing numbers of hits for each database separately. Read more at
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Luis is the second letter of the Ogham alphabet, derived either from luise "flame" or from lus "herb". Its Proto-Indo-European root was either * 'to shine' or * 'to grow'. Its phonetic value is [l].