Definitions for "Lugs"
The metal casings attached to the drum into which the tension rods screw to tune the head. The lugs do vary from drum make to drum make and the lugs do sometimes vary in size.
The protrusions at the ends of the bezel that the band pins and band attach to.
Protrusions from the watch case from which the bracelet or watch strap is fitted.
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1) On a flue-cured tobacco plant, the second grouping of leaves from the ground. 2) The largest leaves on a burley tobacco plant, located near the middle of the stalk. 3) The middle grouping of leaves on fire-cured and dark air-cured tobacco plants.
Strips of metal, fixed onto the sides of metal doors and window frames to secure frames to the brickwork. DESCRIPTION
Organs of hearing and equilibrium in humans, Old Firm supporters and other vertebrates.
a protruding piece of casting which locates one piece to another
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See section on Anchoring Devices.