Definitions for "Lug"
A termination, usually crimped or soldered to a conductor, that allows connection to be made with a retaining screw.
Extensions around the circumference of a lid which are crimped down to hold the lid securely in place against the body of a container.
A mechanical termination, usually crimped or soldered to the conductor, with provision for threading on to a terminal; hardware. M-R
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The ear, or its lobe.
That which projects like an ear, esp. that by which anything is supported, carried, or grasped, or to which a support is fastened; an ear; as, the lugs of a kettle; the lugs of a founder's flask; the lug (handle) of a jug.
The leather loop or ear by which a shaft is held up.
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A projecting piece to which anything, as a rod, is attached, or against which anything, as a wedge or key, bears, or through which a bolt passes, etc.
To move slowly and heavily.
Anything which moves slowly.
A protrusion beneath the barrel of a revolver that provides strength, stability and weight. Full-lug barrels that extend the entire length of the barrel are often preferred on competition or hunting guns as they provide additional weight to help dampen recoil and muzzle flip. Half-lug barrels feature barrel lugs that extend part of the way down the barrel.
Small builtin protrusions on the sides of many Italian produced tiles to facilitate adhesion.
Obtaining a higher price for a timeshare week than what the developer is currently asking. Back to the top
At Any time, obtaining a "premium" or higher price for a timeshare week than the developer is currently asking.
A term for obtaining a higher price for a timeshare week than the developer is asking.
An Irish deity represented in mythological texts as a hero and High King of the distant past. He is known by the epithets Lámfhada ("long hand"), for his skill with a spear or sling, Samildánach ("multi-talented", "skilled in many arts"), Lonnbeimnech ("fierce striker") and Macnia ("boy hero"), and by the matronymic mac Ethlenn or mac Ethnenn ("son of Ethliu or Ethniu").
(1) A type of thread configuration designed so the thread segments are disposed equidistantly around a bottle neck (finish). The closure has matching portions that engage each of the thread segments (2) A small indentation or raised portion on the surface of a container. The lug provides a means of indexing the container for operations such as multi-color decoration or labeling.
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The portion of the case to which the bracelet / strap is attached.
The extension from the top frame of each plate, connecting the plate to the strap.
Part or parts of watch case to which band, bracelet or strap may be attached.
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Lug (Луг) is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Beočin municipality, in the Vojvodina province. Although, the village is geographically located in Syrmia, it is part of the South Bačka District.
To pull with force; to haul; to drag along; to carry with difficulty, as something heavy or cumbersome.
The act of lugging; as, a hard lug; that which is lugged; as, the pack is a heavy lug.
carry with difficulty; "You'll have to lug this suitcase"
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action of a tiring horse, bearing in or out.
The action of a horse that tends to veer away from steering pressure exerted on either rein.
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marine worms having a row of tufted gills along each side of the back; often used for fishing bait
Keywords:  oblique, hoisted, mast, yard, sail
a sail with four corners that is hoisted from a yard that is oblique to the mast
A man; sometimes implying clumsiness.
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ancient Celtic god
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A projection from, or extension of, a building unit that engages an adjacent unit; for example, that part of a sill that extends into an ad joining jamb.
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A flat, horizontal, tab-shaped handles on both sides of a piece (usually bowls, i.e. "lugged soup bowl").
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See Anchor Block.
obstruct; "My nose is all stuffed"; "Her arteries are blocked"
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Bring something illegal into the prison.
a projecting piece that is used to lift or support or turn something
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A gray, plastic tub used to transport and store products.
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See specific type. Example, Locking Lug.
lock up garage yo years old
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See bearing in (out).
The lugworm.