Definitions for "LTC"
Landlord Tenant Code. A Hawaii state law outlining the rights, obligations and remedies of a residential landlord and a tenant.
Longitudinal Time Code; the time code that is either recorded on one of the two audio tracks or on a special address track on videotape.
Abbreviation of Longitudinal Time Code. A time code recorded in a separate track at the edge of the tape.
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Lieutenant Colonel
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Leiston Town Council
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Lotus Traction Control
This insurance pays for chronic health conditions, such as physical incapacity or mental impairment, treated in a setting other than an acute care hospital. Every LTC policy delivered to a Maine resident must be guaranteed renewable for life (if premiums are paid). Premiums can increase, but increases are based on the insurer's claims experience for all Maine people who have the same policy, not on the claims you file.
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long thread and coupling (OCTG casing connection)
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Leadership Training Center
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Laser Tool Check (Laser broken bit detector)
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Leave Travel Compensation
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Loan-To-Cost. The ratio of the price paid for an asset to the value of the loan that will finance the purchase.
Light transfer characteristics
Local transaction containment. Used to define application server behavior.
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Long Term Care