Definitions for "LSP"
Local Services Program. A program that provided continued funding for various community-based services originally provided through Title XX. The areas receiving services are designated by legislative proviso or specific appropriations.
Local Support Partner, an employee of the University who provides computer support services to one or more departments and participates in ITC's Local Support Partner Program. The LSP Program provides services, resources, and technical support to LSPs throughout U.Va.
(Local Support Provider) A technology staff member who provides front-line desktop support at the college or administrative unit level.
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Name for DIAX laminates using Pentex fibres.
Name for DIAX laminates using Pentex fibers.
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link-state packet. See LSA.
Link State Packet. In OSI and OSPF, the LSP contains reachability information about systems and areas that the router knows about. This packet is flooded across the network to other routers to maintain the link state database on each router.
The path that will be followed by a labelled packet over several hubs.
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ocal trategic artnership
Abbreviation for Land Surface Parameterization scheme, and method for parameterizing plant growth, soil moisture, and other processes occurring at or near the land surface in terms of atmospheric GCM output variables (e.g. temperature, precipitation, etc.). Examples of LSPs are BATS, BEST, CLASS and SECHIBA.
Extrication vest to imobilize patient.
LSP is an advanced web template language based on XML technology. LSP provides powerful and easy to use presentation logic, but keeps business logic and technical details out of templates. LSP is compiled into Java bytecode for efficient execution.
logical standby process. The LSP applies archived redo log information to the logical standby database.
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Linux Support Package
Staff at the University who provide computing support to others in the Penn Community.
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Line Spectral Pairs
A specialized ASP offering learning management and training delivery software on a hosted or rental basis.
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Labor and Social Protection Network
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Language for Special Purposes