Definitions for "LSD"
A powerful hallucinogenic drug that is illegally sold and consumed throughout the EU. (See Drugs: Synthetic drugs and their chemical precursors)
LSD is the most common hallucinogen and one of the most potent mood-changing chemicals. It is manufactured from lysergic acid, found in a fungus that grows on rye and other grains. LSD, commonly referred to as "acid," is sold on the street in tablets, capsules, and occasionally in liquid form. It is odorless and colorless, with a slightly bitter taste. Users refer to positive LSD experiences as a "trip," and to acute adverse reactions as a "bad trip." Users may experience panic, confusion, suspicions, anxiety, and loss of control. Flashbacks also occur after they stop taking the drug.
a powerful hallucinogenic drug manufactured from lysergic acid
see limited-slip differential MacPherson strut
Improves traction by splitting torque evenly and preventing one wheel from slipping or spinning. Especially helpful during cornering or other slippery situations (snow, gravel, etc.).
Limit States Design. Limit states design is a method of design that is mandated by all Canadian building codes and separates the "factor of safety" into two parts: a load factor and a resistance factor. The load factor is applied to the specified loads to recognize that loads higher than those anticipated may occur and is independent of the structural material. A resistance factor is applied to the theoretical member strength, or resistance, to recognize that the strength of the member cannot be predicted exactly due to variability in material properties, dimensions and workmanship.
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long, steady distance. A training technique that requires a firm aerobic pace for at least two hours.
LSD is an abbreviation for "Long, Slow Distance," which refers to the practice of running longer distances at an "easy" pace rather than shorter ones to exhaustion. The slower pace allows the runner to go longer and, therefore (supposedly), gain more fitness.
Long slow distance. A type of training used particularly for early training. Generally means a lot of walking and easy trotting. Increases the fitness of the bones and tendons, which reduces injury when the horse moves on to faster work.
Lone Scout Division, early name for the program division within the BSA supporting the Lone Scout program after its inclusion on BSA. Metal badge
LEGISLATIVE SERVICES DIVISION. Permanent administrative staff of the Legislature. The staff consists of a legal services office, an office of research and policy analysis, a legislative environmental policy office, a central services office, and an office of legislative information technology. The staff is responsible for drafting bills, staffing committees, providing support services to the Legislature, and codifying and publishing laws.
LEGISLATIVE SERVICES DIVISION. Permanent administrative staff of theLegislature. The staff consists of a legalservices office, an office of research and policyanalysis, a legislative environmental policyoffice, a central services office, and an office oflegislative information technology. The staff isresponsible for drafting bills, staffingcommittees, providing support services to theLegislature, and codifying and publishing laws.
Lysosomal storage disorder. A group of more than 40 genetic diseases that are caused by inborn errors of metabolism and that result in the accumulation of various substances within a compartment of the cell known as the lysosome. People with LSDs are born with a deficiency or dysfunction of certain enzymes found within the lysosome. Synonym of lysosomal storage disorder.
Lysosomal Storage Disorder. A disorder characterized by the buildup of substrates within the lysosomes of cells.
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Dock Landing Ship
Landing Ship Dock
Land Surface Datum; Lands and Survey Div. (Trinidad and Tobago)
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RSD SSD DSD Above-Elbow (AE)
LSD distorts perception of time and space, and creates illusions and hallucinations. It comes in liquid form and most often swallowed after being placed on small pieces of paper. It increases heart rate and blood pressure. Symptoms are nausea, chills, flushes, irregular breathing, sweating and trembling.
LEAST SIGNIFICANT DIGIT. The LSD is the digit whose position within a given number expression has the least weighting power.
least significant difference (refers to statistical test)
or least significant digit refers to the right-most active digit of a digital display.
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low-sulfur diesel (50 ppm S)
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Double Wide or Tandem Wide Scissors Lift
LDAP Service Deployment; the name of an IETF working group that discusses and writes recommendations for LDAP service deployment.
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LAN Switching Device
label switching database.