Definitions for "LSA"
Learning Support Assistant Employed by school to assist teacher in classroom. Were called NTA.
logistics support area
Logistical Support Area
lubricating oil, semifluid, automatic weapons
semifluid lubricating oil
link-state advertisement. A broadcast packet used by link-state protocols. The LSA contains information about neighbors and path costs and is used by the receiving router to maintain a routing table.
link-state advertisement. Broadcast packet used by link-state protocols that contains information about neighbors and path costs. LSAs are used by the receiving routers to maintain their routing tables. Sometimes called a link-state packet (LSP).
Link-state advertisement. OSPF data structure that is advertised in a link-state update packet. Each LSA uniquely describes a portion of the OSPF network.
Low Specific Activity
Lead Standardization Activity
LSA, also known as d-lysergic acid amide, d-lysergamide, ergine, and LA-111, is an alkaloid of the ergoline family that occurs in various species of vines of the Convolvulaceae and some species of fungi. As the dominant alkaloid in the hallucinogenic seeds of Rivea corymbosa (ololiuhqui), Argyreia nervosa (Hawaiian baby woodrose) and Ipomoea violacea (morning glories, tlitliltzin), it is often stated that ergine and/or isoergine (its epimer) is responsible for the psychedelic activity. In fact, the effects of synthetic LSA and iso-LSA are not particularly psychedelic, see Mixing the Kykeon below for a summary of human trials, and Chapter 17 and entry #26 of Ti HKAL for further discussion.
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Lone Scouts of America, a separate organization from the BSA
See Local Security Authority.
Local Supervising Authority
Local Security Authority. An integral subsystem responsible for managing security access tokens for users.
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Languages programme period abroad in study
Ten weeks of "studying" a language in a foreign country, often referred to as an "L.S.Play." Considered a reward after two terms of drill.
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Law Student Association– The student government at Boston College Law School. It is the umbrella organization for many of the student organizations.
These are statistical limits that define the region that contains 95% of all potency ratios.
Labor Surplus Area--A Federal program to set-aside certain contracts to businesses located in areas with high unemployment.
Local Serving Area
Legal Service Area
Leased Space Agreement. Aka co-location or co-lo. An agreement where communications service vendors or companies use an area of a central office or node for placement of their network interface equipment - agreement is with telecommunications companies.
Liner Shipping Agreements.
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Large Southern Array
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Lifetime Savings Accounts