Definitions for "LPI"
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Lines Per Inch. Lines per inch or LPI refers to the number of dot lines created per inch, which provides an indication of image sharpness. The finer the "screen" used to create printing plates, the more detail can be portrayed in the final printed piece. Most color printing is performed between 133 and 175 lines per inch.
Abbreviation for lines per inch. M is short for magenta in the four-color printing process.
Lines per inch. A measure of the halftone screen. In general, the LPI of the halftone is determined by the DPI of the output device and the number of shades of grey needed (due to the need to combine printer dots into a halftone cell). A common imagesetter outputting at 1270dpi x 1270dpi can produce 256 shades of grey at 133 LPI, while a 300 dpi laser printer can only produce 14 shades of grey at 53 LPI.
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Labour Price Index
LIMITED PRICE INDEXATION. The requirement under PA95 to increase, by 5% pa or RPI if less, pensions in payment under an occupational pension scheme approved under Chapter I (excluding AVCs and FSAVCs) and pensions in payment arising from protected rights under an appropriate personal pension scheme or an appropriate personal pension stakeholder pension scheme.  It applies to pensions accrued in respect of service after 5 April 1997.
Limited Price Indexation. Protects pensions in payment against inflation up to Retail Prices Index or 5%, whichever is the lower.
leading pedestrian interval. the timing of a “Walk” signal to allow pedestrians extra time to cross before the vehicular traffic signal turns green; currently in place along Church Street as part of the city’s Street Management Project
Leading Pedestrian Interval. Also known as, "pedestrian head start," and "delayed vehicle green," an LPI allows pedestrians to begin crossing an intersection a few seconds before the vehicular green interval begins. This allows pedestrians to establish their presence in the crosswalk before the turning vehicles, thereby enhancing the pedestrian right of way.
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Ley de Propiedad Intelectual
Liquid Penetrant Inspection. A method that is used to reveal surface breaking flaws by bleedout of a colored or fluorescent dye from the flaw.(Course Material/PenetrantTest/Introduction/improvingdetection.htm)(Course Material/PenetrantTest/Principles/liquidpi.htm)
Low probability of intercept (stealth radar)
See Low Probability of Intercept.
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Lafayette Philippines Inc
Lysinurie Protein Intolerance (rare inherited metabolic disorder)
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Abbreviation for ines er nch.
Liquid Photo-Imageable solder mask that uses photographic imaging to control a thinner mask deposition than the dry film solder mask.
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Language Proficiency Index. A method of rating the standard of English language usage that must be met by all incoming undergraduate students before they are allowed to register for first-year English courses. The LPI, with some exceptions, is determined through a written examination.
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Land and Property Information NSW [go to site
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Learner Profile Information
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