Definitions for "LPD"
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line printer daemon. Protocol used to send print jobs between UNIX systems.
line printer daemon. A line printer daemon service on the print server receives documents (print jobs) from line printer remote (LPR) utilities running on client systems.
See line printer daemon.
See luteal phase defect.
Luteal phase defect (inadequacy) - the presence of endometrium inadequate to supportimplantation and growth.
Light Particle Defect, sometimes known as particles.
Predominant component of endotoxins produced by gram negative bacteria. The causative agent of pyrogenic (temperature rise) reactions in parenteral products.
Landing Ship Dock
Amphibious Transport Dock
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Locally Popular Deity. Called "God" or "Jesus" in these parts. The LPD, like the OTR, changes at the border.
Low potassium dextran
See Low Probability of Detection.
89k 89k Up to size of print file Low
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LG Philips Displays
Lost Production Days
Work submitted after, but within three working days of, the published deadline. Penalty of the deduction of ten percentage points applied to the late element mark.
A measure of electrical power used to provide lighting to a space - expressed in watts per square foot (or watts per square meter).
Lighting Power Density. The maximum lighting power per unit area of a building classification of space function.
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Liability and Property Damage