Definitions for "LOW SIDE"
the part of the refrigeration system that is operated at low, or evaporator, pressure.
those parts of a refrigeration system where heat is absorbed at evaporator pressure; the cooling coil or evaporator with associated components; also commonly referred to as the suction side; this is the area of lowest temperature and lowest pressure
The portion of the air conditioning system in which the refrigerant is under low pressure and at low temperature. It includes the expansion device outlet, evaporator, accumulator (if used) and compressor inlet.
A crash that results from a wheel losing traction, allowing the bike to fall sideways. (See also: high side)
noun) The side of the motorcycle that is closest to the ground in a turn. verb) To crash from loss of traction resulting in the motorcycle falling on the low side (the side closest to the ground). Typically results from loss of traction of the front tire but can result from the rear tire sliding out from under the motorcycle.
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the downhill edge of the cup when it is on any slant
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The part of the green below the hole on a sloping green.
Area below the hole on a sloping green.