Definitions for "Love Story"
a brilliant novel
a non-fiction novel based on memoirs of a general hospital psychiatrist who detects abnormal presence of fluid on examination of his wife's abdomen
a novel about the African woman's place in society
Keywords:  tale, story, hiller, segal, erich
a story dealing with love
a compelling anti-war film set in Afghanistan, a country that has become synonymous with conflict
a gem of a film, the shining though delicate tale of two displaced people's growing affection and, ultimately, enduring attachment for each other
Keywords:  strange, unique, look, name, person
a very strange yet unique look at what a pe
a very strange yet unique look at what a person would do in the name of love
Keywords:  weva, proud, member
a proud member of WEVA
Keywords:  broadway, comedic, freak, john, his
a comedic one-man performance marking John's life from his last Broadway show, "Freak" to today
a continuation of his tradition of gathering pieces from a wide variety of sources and making them his own
a songbook following a young woman in and out of love and showcasing Green's soaring vocals and soulful style
Keywords:  tense, riveting, dawn, northwest, coast
a tense and riveting read set on the northwest Australian coast at the dawn of the Second World War
an article by William Greider about news organizations' deliberate ignorance
Keywords:  surprise, winner, week, box, office
a surprise winner at the box office this week
Keywords:  favorite, music, reflects, video, short
a short video set to your favorite music that reflects the love you have for one another
Keywords:  case, point
a case in point