Definitions for "loudspeaker"
A device which converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance, usually outdoors; it is used to amplify or transmit over a distance speech from a person, who is typically speaking into a microphone. Sometimes it is used to play recorded speech or music.
The part of a sound system which produces the sound and "throws" it out to the audience. There are a number of kinds of speaker (as they are usually called): tweeters (qv), horns (qv), bass cabs (qv).
A transducer (or group of transducers) within a single cabinet that converts electrical energy into acoustical energy. The piece of equipment that makes the sound. see driver
a reactive load, meaning impedance changes with frequency
a very complex design, with several aspects (and compromises) that concour to the final result
a very complex impedance, having resistive, inductive and capacitance components in addition to motional impedance
a carefully considered combination of complementary parts
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a paper cone attached to a coil of wire that sits in a magnetic field from a strong permanent magnet
a musical instrument, in that it has its own harmonic personality
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See Receiver.