Definitions for "Loudness"
(level of sound) : an apparent, subjective acoustic scale which takes account of the variable human sensitivity to different sound frequencies; there are two loudness units of measurement: phon and sone. Phon is defined as loudness of 1000 Hz sound at the sound pressure level of 20 µPa; see [HANDBOOK]. Loudness level of a sound, expressed in phons, is numerically equal to the sound pressure level, expressed in decibels, of the 1000 Hz sound judged by listeners to be equivalent in loudness. Sone is defined as loudness of 1000 Hz sound, 40 dB above a listener's threshold. Loudness level of a sound, expressed in sones, measures a loudness level above threshold for a particular listener; for that reason, the threshold (measured or assumed) should be always specified. decibel (dB) games : tennis
Boosts low frequencies. Useful at low volumes but most loudness circuits can cut off an unacceptable amount of treble.
Perception of loudness as perceived by the recipient.
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tasteless showiness
a subjective quantity - a difference of 10 dB is very approximately equivalent to a doubling / halving of loudness
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The quality or state of being loud.