Definitions for "lot of it"
Keywords:  i'm, thing, burton, paws, visceral
a bit personal I suppose because many of these things reach down into the very heart of my being and my thoughts, and motivations
a comfort-zone thing
a confidence thing, just letting each other know that we have a lot of potential
Keywords:  gut, malan, martha, says, instinct
a GUT instinct (at least it was for me)
a gut level judgment," says Martha Malan, senior editor nation/world at the St
a gut sense of whether the person standing in front of you is telling the truth or not," he says
Keywords:  lazy, pornography, cop, testimony, kind
a cop out for just being lazy, taking the easy way out
a kind of lazy version of English
a kind of physical testimony
Keywords:  stuff, kickass, jamil, matter, taste
a little too mainstream/magazine-y for my taste, but the Jamil GS stuff is kickass
a matter of distribution
a matter of keeping your head in the game and visualizing the direction of the cuts
a cappella and then we also have some different instruments
a cappella and the sounds are beautiful
Keywords:  ripoff, slint, blatant
a blatant Slint ripoff
Keywords:  elin, cobbled, mess
a cobbled up mess," Elin said
a kind of stealth deregulation, where you keep popular laws on the books but, under the guise of attacking "bureaucracy," ensure that agencies don't have the money to hire people to enforce those laws
an environmental album with as songs "Don't Go near the Water," "Day in the Life of a Tree," and "'Til I Die
a producer/director relationship
a reaction to growing up bombarded by stereotypes of what a woman is supposed to look and act like - beauty and civilised ways of behaviour
a reflection of the dissatisfaction of the Bush administration policies, particularly around civil rights and civil liberties issues over the past three years," Nassef told FOXNews
a celebration of mental liberation - a love affair with the modern world
a common-sense approach, he believes
a result of the last election, where progressives believe that we should have dug in as more liberal and more progressive to show a stronger distinction
Keywords:  handbag, trash, euro
a lot like Euro Handbag trash but some of it really like
a known quantity, and I think there's something enjoyable about taking the characters you already know you like and doing something with them
a lack of know-how because they were basically an authoritarian state,'' she added
a lack of therapy or just someone to listen to them," Rodriguez said
Keywords:  rehash, baseball, billions
a rehash of Baseball and Billions
Keywords:  relentless, pursuit, never, whole, bad
a culture, a whole way of thinking of relentless pursuit of elimination of waste, never passing a bad part and the flow of material
an effect, and never our intentions
a whole other art form
Keywords:  queasy, andrea, walk, foot, even
a foot walk, which makes Andrea even more queasy
Keywords:  friendships, excuse, quilt, guild, hang
an anchor for friendships, an excuse to go hang out at a quilt shop, or a reason to go have coffee after a guild meeting
Keywords:  blur
a blur though
a downright sloppy attempt to copy Microsoft
Keywords:  nowak, fashion, play
a fashion play," said Nowak
Keywords:  beltway, deal, inside
an inside-the-beltway deal
a political question and an image problem
a problem from the geese situation
a question of time, energy, and expertise
Keywords:  we're, reporting, change
a change in how we're reporting it
a bit off track since we had a great alternative music station on Long Island
a legacy from when there were no alternative services," Ward said
a quite unconscious patterning that is in some ways dormant, meaning that it doesn't affect you negatively
Keywords:  candy, kid, engines, search, store
a kid in a candy store - you go to the Internet and go through search engines
Keywords:  battle, ideas
a battle of ideas but there is much more to it
a direct result of the growing awareness that recycling is a necessary part to todays world and the cash back refund is a major contributor to this awareness
Keywords:  torque, habits, manual, result, car
a result of driving habits and having to get used to a manual transmission car with lots of torque
a result of having to load a lot of resources from the disk
Keywords:  psychological, process
a psychological process
a game of timing and numbers
a valuation game
a waiting game
Keywords:  belief, management
a belief in management
Keywords:  complicated, less, old, what, year
a lot less complicated than what's being put out there
a year-old or less
Keywords:  him, credit
a credit to him
Keywords:  waste, time
a waste of time
Keywords:  depreciating, function, value
a function of the depreciating value of the U
Keywords:  learning, process
a learning process
Keywords:  reflection, manager
a reflection of the manager
Keywords:  basis, case
a case-by-case basis by the RA
Keywords:  process
a process for me