Definitions for "Lot Like Love"
Keywords:  romantic, comedy, sally, harry, romance
a deliciously fresh, ingenuous and beguiling romantic comedy
a fine romantic comedy
a lot like a lot of other romantic comedies, in particular, "When Harry Met Sally
a studio film in Indy film's attire - an unflashy experience goaded by intriguing characters, vigorous, credible performances and an unexpectedly weighty script
Keywords:  ransom, hustle, madison, kung, argue
a lot of wasted time, get knocked out by Kung Fu Hustle, argue over Madison, and bury King's Ransom
Keywords:  sequel, hey, remarkably, quiet, movie
a remarkably quiet movie
a sure candidate for a sequel to this volume (hey, his Great Movies II just came out this year
Keywords:  swerve, intertwine, story, hook, lovers
a story about two people whose lives intertwine at regular intervals but separated by years in time
a story of two young lovers whose lives swerve into each other throughout the years , but they never really hook up
a pleasant-enough soundtrack, but its way of making the recent past sound more interesting than the present is more than a little worrying
an entertainment success, a triple threat of fresh writing, inspired directing, and, yes, good acting
Keywords:  grace, worthy, calendar, saving, follow
a worthy follow-up to Saving Grace and Calendar Girls
Keywords:  hit, box, office
a box-office hit