Definitions for "Lossy"
Characteristic of a network that is prone to lose packets when it becomes highly loaded.
is used in the context of describing audio encoding schemes where some detail or nuance of the original analog master or source material/signal are lost during the analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion process. Lossy audio encoding algorithms are used when the data for lossless encoding schemes would far exceed the capacity of the recording/transmission medium. Examples of lossy audio encoding schemes are the Dolby Digital or DTS. To minimize loss of audio performance, lossy audio encoding schemes uses perceptual encoding, where psycho-acoustics is used to encode the information that most humans are most likely to hear. back to the previous page
The image quality loses it's clarity when graphic is compressed.
The property of being a poor conductor that absorbs and dissipates energy.
The ability of a material to attenuate or absorb energy. Based on either the dielectric or magnetic properties of the material.
characterized by or causing dissipation of energy
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Having poor efficiency.
Having high losses resulting in efficiency.
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